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Sandy or gravel river banks contain large deposits of alluvial gold (loose pieces of gold or gold-bearing sand), and dredging is a great way to recover this gold. Plus, advances in technology allow a small surface gold dredge to be carried by a single person to a remote stream or river and profitably process gold-bearing material.Engines & Pumps; Engines & Pumps. Here you will find a good selection of our very best engines pumps and parts. Make sure to take a look at our article on Keene pumps by clicking HERE! Direct Mount Pumps Free Standing Pumps Motor, Pump & Compressor Combos . has been providing the very best in mining and prospecting equipment .

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Keene Dredge pump..Gold ProspectingMining. . AZ Sporting Goods for Sale. Keene centrifugal dredge pump. Older pump but pristine. Starts right up, and will run small dredge or highbanker. 60gpm at high pressure. 175.00. Text . Dave. 4,000. Gold dredge 6 inch.This gold prospecting tool is ideal for working below the water line when a motorized dredge cannot be used. It helps you get the gold out of some really tight spaces, a hand dredge is well, handy, when you're prospecting along a river. If you've found a rich spot that is hard to access, the hand dredge can produce some decent gold!

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Mar 03, 2016 · Got my new Keene 2" Back Pack Dredge. Looking forward to getting out to the creek.• Dredge – A dredge is a piece of equipment that uses a water pump to suck up water and gravel and then inject the material into a sluice. • Dry washer – A dry washer is like a dredge, but it uses air, rather than water, to capture gold. This type of equipment is often used .

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Keene 3" Gold Dredge/ Sluice - 2000. Keene Dredge in perfect condition. Used 3 or 4 times. The engine may have about 10 hours on it. Just now broken in. I have changed the oil. Ready to go. My health wont let me get out there any more to have fun with it so, it has to go. I have got gold with the unit in Colorado and the North Caralin .Pumps. Proline offers one of the most comprehensive line of pumps in the small dredge industry. These are high performance centrifugal pumps designed specifically for operating our dredges and dual-purpose machines. Each pump is cast in the US from premium quality A356 aluminum, then heat treated to a "T-6" hardness for years of service.

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Sep 04, 2012 · Having a motor/pump sit high in the water can also mean the dredge is much more unstable because it is top heavy. And a top heavy dredge can be more easily tipped over in rough water or when moving the dredge about a stream. Also, the higher the pump is positioned, the longer the foot-valve needs to be.A 2.5" dredge is the smallest that can be outfitted with an air compressor for those wanting to work underwater. The Keene 2.5" dredge is exceptionally powerful with a motor and pump combination capable of running a 3" gold dredge. This means you can throttle down for better fuel efficiency or throttle up for extra suction power. Keene 2.5 .

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Jun 30, 2009 · Back in the late 80s (or maybe the early 90s) McCracken designed an 8-inch triple sluice dredge that was a brilliant design for fine gold recovery which I think Keene sold under their own brand and which was a massive design improvement over the previous triples sold by Keene. But the dredge was an enormous size (relatively speaking) and its .2" Keene Backpack Dredge. 2 Inch Backpack Dredge Model. 2,865.22 +GST for NZ Read more 2" Keene Backpack Dredge. 2 Inch Backpack Dredge Model. 2,865.22 +GST for NZ Read more 4" Keene 3 stage Dredge

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Keene 4" Jet Flare Dredge 3 Stage Sluice with P180 & 263 Gast Keene's "3 Stage Sluice Box" provides excellent gold recovery and easy, convenient clean up. Note below that in Stage 1 the primary riffles can be removed separately from the other riffles and a new plate covered with deep V rubber matting that is alsoNov 29, 2015 · Anyone know or have a resource for older Keene pump specs. I am looking to put together another dredge and have lots of pumps and motors that I could use just not sure of the outputs with various hp engine set ups. Also I have not been impressed with the Keene .

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manufactures some of the most unique, powerful and versatile dredges on earth today. Dredges and dredging systems that are capable of handling nearly any type of application. If you can think of it, we can build it. Take our Nessie Dredges for example, our crown jewel of dredges.Dredge - For Sale: Keene dredge Highbanker Combo 3 in Prescott, 3quot keene high banker gold in Medford, 3quot suction Dredge Power Jet in Pueblo, 3quot Suction Dredge Hose Cheap in Pueblo, 3 in Keene dredge Highbanker in Prescott. Craigslist Search, Craigslist is no longer supported

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Gold Prospecting Water Pumps and Hoses (below pumps) BILGE PUMPS >>>>> HERE IMPORTANT: Doc made the decision from day one that we would not sell pumps and hoses simply because they are so available online already and selling them ourselves would only increase the cost to you.KEENE GOLD DREDGE - 4,950.00. Keene Gold Dredge 5in. This dredge has been fully restored. Brand new Subaru 9hp. New 3x4 500 gpm pump with new t80 compressor with 15 ft of new suction hose. This dredge is in new condition and ready to use. 283675130361

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Dredge - For Sale: Keene 2 Inch Dredge in Juneau, 2quot Keene Dredge in Juneau, Keene 2 inch backpack gold in Tucson, North American Gold Dredge in Idaho Falls, Bagley Diving Killer B 2 in Mt Airy. Craigslist Search, Craigslist is no longer supported6220SMAX 6″ Super max Dredge by . This is 's Newest 6″ dredge that is designed for super fine gold recovery even down to 300 mesh. This new dredge has it all, portability, breaks down into small component, amazing fine gold recovery high power and more.

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