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Copper is extracted from sulfide ores or concentrates by electrolysis in a cell having separate anode and cathode sections, and having an intermediate liquid copper-mercury alloy electrode between the anode and cathode sections.Extracting copper from its ores. The method used to extract copper from its ores depends on the nature of the ore. Sulfide ores such as chalcopyrite ((CuFeS_2)) are converted to copper by a different method from silicate, carbonate or sulfate ores.

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Dec 08, 2014 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.Extracting copper from other ores. Copper can be extracted from non-sulphide ores by a different process involving three separate stages: Reaction of the ore (over quite a long time and on a huge scale) with a dilute acid such as dilute sulphuric acid to produce a very dilute copper(II) sulphate solution.

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Hari om, you are asking a question as to : " How is copper obtained from its sulphide ore? What is the equation of this reaction?". Hari om. Hari om. ANSWER :[ Excerpts] COPPER MINING AND EXTRACTION: SULFIDE ORES : It's hard to imagine a world wit.Oxide ores (and certain sulfide ores) are placed onto a leach pad and saturated with weak acid solutions that dissolve the copper mineral content. The resulting copper-bearing solution is collected and pumped to a solvent extraction plant.

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The thermophilic archaean, Acidianus brierleyi, was examined for its feasibility to bioleach copper from a low-grade chalcopyrite ore (1.15 % copper, 20.4 % iron and 2.63 wt% sulfur) at 65°C and .Your first equation is partially correct, there is a slight mistake. Copper is found in the +1 oxidation state or cuprous form in its ores, so the sulfide ore of copper known as copper glance has molecular formula of cuprous sulphide(Cu2S) . Bec.

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Apr 23, 2011 · There are two main copper ore types of interest, copper oxide ores and copper sulfide ores. Both ore types can be economically mined, however, the most common source of copper ore is the sulfide .The principal methods of leaching copper ores at the present time are heap, dump, in-place, and vat. A number of references are presented in the bibliography on the theoretical and practical aspects of these methods. In the heap-leaching method, crushed or uncrushed oxidized copper ore is placed on a prepared drainage pad.

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A hydrometallurgical method has been developed which facilitates selective extraction of copper from a copper-concentrate ore that contains a significant composition of iron. Over 98% copper extraction has been hydrometallurgically extracted from an ore that contains 24.19% Cu, 29.22% Fe, and 0.567% Zn, all weight/weight composition.Extracting iron and copper Ores. . Most metals are extracted from ore. found in the Earth's crust. An ore is a rock that contains enough of a metal or a metal compound to make extracting the .

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Copper Ores natural mineral formations containing sufficient copper to make economically feasible the extraction of the metal from these ores. Of the 170 known copper-bearing minerals, 17 are currently used on an industrial scale: native copper, Cu; bornite (peacock ore), Cu5FeS4 chalcopyrite (copper pyrite), CuFeS2; chalcocite (copper glance), Cu2S .Extraction of Metals. Extraction of Copper.. Copper is sometimes found as native metal.. Copper ores include copper(II) oxide and copper(II) sulfide. Copper(II) oxide can be reduced by reaction with carbon.. Some copper ores may contain only small amounts of copper. These are called low grade ores and have less than 1% copper but they are still used because copper is so valuable.


The economic extraction of copper from low-grade ores requires low-cost processing methods such as in situ, dump and heap leaching. Bacterially assisted heap leaching of low-grade copper sulphides is a developing technology that has been applied successfully for the extraction of copper from secondary sulphide minerals such as chalcocite at a .EXTRACTION OF COPPER FROM SULPHIDE ORE Large amount of copper are obtained from copper pyrite (CuFeS2) by smelting. Ores containing 4% or more copper are treated by smelting process. Very poor ores are treated by hydro-metallurgical process. EXTRACTION OF COPPER BY SMELTING PROCESS Following steps are involved in the extraction of copper .

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